Tree Pruning Service

If the greenery that surrounds your land or property has become uncontrollable, our tree surgeons will carefully come and prune trees and hedges to rejuvenate the appearance. Backed by a wealth of experience, we understand that pruning is an ongoing process and always advise that it’s something that needs to be kept on top of for the results to be maintained. Remember, trees are living species – and hard pruning will only cause them to go into shock. It will also lead to an abundance of regrowth that then creates more leaves the following year. We utilise our skills and expertise as tree surgeons to make sure that all pruning is done to a professional level. Common reasons for pruning include removing dead wood, reducing risk, pruning to increase light and air within the crown, and aiding understory growth.

Mature trees should mostly be pruned for corrective or preventative measures. Pruning to remove diseased or dead limbs can be carried out throughout the year (to British standards 3998), although it is best completed before the spring growth flush. Topping trees is not recommended – instead, tree branches should be pruned back to a lateral point large enough to assume a terminal role.