Taking care of your own trees is often a dangerous, difficult task – so allow our specialist tree surgeons to save you the chore. We offer a wide range of first-rate services, so you can rest assured knowing your greenery is expertly taken care of. CALL our Wirral tree surgeons on : 07787243310

*COVID 19 update – Rest Assured.

We are still fully operational but will adopt social distancing for older clients especially. All services can be carried out without close contact. Bank transfer can be used for payments to avoid using notes.

We also provide garden maintenance please see our long running Wirral Gardener site

(Wirral Garden Services by Fallen Leaves are looking for new customers now)

Gardens and Trees need to be kept tidy as we head into main growing season.

Tree Surgeon Work

Garden and Tree Maintenance

Combining our skills as fully trained gardeners and arborists, we’re able to offer a wide range of tree work and maintenance services. After volunteering for the Wirral Ranger Service many years ago, our founder decided to set up this business. So you can rest assured knowing that our experience and knowledge will deliver first-class results.

CALL JAMIE ON : 07787243310 or use our Contact Form

Tree Surgeons Wirral will provide efficient  service at great value. We can meet your requirements and offer advice on tree work if this is needed.We make sure everything that needs to be taken away is recycled where possible.

As well as our team of tree surgeons we also have specialist gardeners on the Wirral to consult about any other matter. We are extremely proud of our service standards. This attitude has enabled our expansion and retention of customers.


Stump Grinding

Fallen leaves Ltd offer a full stump grinding service to remove tree stumps ad roots which may be a problem after a tree has been felled or just left on your property from a previous owner. We can provide the stump grinding machine and safety equipment to ensure no damage is caused and leave your garden in a clean and tidy state.



Once stumps have been either ground or the roots completely removed you can begin to plant flora and fauna or indeed a new sapling or tree to begin the cycle once again. Let fallen leaves look after your garden, the way nature intended.

Tree Preservation Orders.

When called to a customers property to view a tree which needs attention the first thing we need to bring to your attention which is hugely important is if you have any tree preservation orders on any species within your land or property. We can provide that information instantly whilst on site to see if we require permission from the council or local tree officer.

Any tree can have a tree TPO and to work on a tree without permission when a tpo is present can result in large fines to the customer and tree surgeon or Company, for example us!

As a professional company with fully qualified tree surgeons with full public liability insurance up to £10 million pounds.

We pride ourselves on being professional and knowledgeable in every aspect of trees and business and the rules within the arbi-cultural landscape.